How To Lose Weight Without Moving
Sean M Everett

Sean, this is one of the best “intros to caloric consumption based on neural activity” I have ever read. And dude, I read a lot.

As a maker of custom blended nootropics, we’ve explored the same caloric burn rate issue. Especially as it relates to caloric restriction.

The brain consumes a specific type of glucose in order to keep the neurons firing effectively. Reduce this glucose component, and brain fog is eminent. Along with fatigue.

Add nootropics to the mix, and you can accelerate potential neural activity by a significant factor. Add a mild stimulant to help offset any momentary neural fatigue, and you employ more of the connectome in the process. Add potential neurogenesis (stimulation of new neurons), and you further accelerate your burn rate.

This is an incredibly rich subject. I’d love to connect on the potential total caloric consumption based on these unique variables. It’s an awesome, and rarely defined subject.

Great article. Looking forward to your next!