You don’t get a job… You get the keys to the building!
Tina Seelig

Tina, as a seasoned founder of both bootstrapped and funded startups, this has got to be one of the most powerful epiphanies ever.

In my former web content SEO business,, we hit a point where my bandwidth was in extremely short supply. I was trudging through quicksand every day, while still making incremental progress.

My lead web designer came to me one morning and said “Mark, I hired a short-term project guy to code through this database issue we’ve uncovered. I’ve posted an ad and interviewed three people for the next key position. I also handled project X and have the team heads down on project Y. Unless you have something critical for me, I know what we need to do next. Let me know when you want to interview these folks. I’ll email my notes and preferences from my interviews and what I think, and get them scheduled for you. See you tomorrow.”

He basically stole each of the key issues he could see needed handled for us to maintain velocity. He fulfilled the position of VP Operations by taking action.

Your missive above shared this approach in such an incredibly crisp and enlightening way. I’ll be sharing it with my crew at this coming week's Beer:30 meeting. Thanks for sharing your insights. They rock.