When the Personal Injury Was Preventable

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Feb 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Accidents happen on unobstructed walkways, despite full compliance with safety regulations, and through the fault of no one. Bruises appear, bones break, concussions result, and more serious injuries occur as well. When those accidents happen, there are no grounds for personal injury lawsuits, as any accident lawyer can attest.


Negligence, lack of safety precautions, improper employee training, defective products, and incompetent work or repairs are examples of grounds for a lawsuit. The key element of any successful lawsuit regarding personal injury is that the accident was preventable. That means under normal conditions, the personal injury would not exist. Someone, some company, some municipality, some health inspector somewhere is at fault.

How to Determine Fault

Those injured in an accident may, or may not, be the victim of negligence. How does the injured party go about determining if anyone was at fault? She does not. The answer is to call a Personal Injury Lawyer as soon as possible (ASAP). Negligence, if it was the cause, is discovered via interviews with witnesses, investigating the situation, taking pictures, and reviewing records.

The injured party has no experience in determining fault, but an experienced law firm that specializes in personal injury cases does. A whole team of investigators and paralegals assist the lawyer in exploring every component of the accident. Experts are consulted and called to testify if necessary. A strong case is built, and negotiations with insurance companies are conducted.


The sole responsibility of the victim after that original call takes place is to focus on recovery. Let the lawyer know if there is anything needed to expedite the process. Surgery may be required, rehabilitation services started, or a home caregiver arranged. Making sure the client gets what is needed for recovery is included in legal representation.

What about Costs?

People hesitate to call a legal professional if they believe they cannot afford one. Worries and stress mounts over paying for medical bills, losing wages, and what a serious injury means for the family. Added legal fees compounds those dilemmas. Relax and visit Acheson Law to learn why cost is not an issue.

Initial consultations are free in personal injury cases. Most lawyers accept these types of cases on a contingency fee basis. The fee is contingent, or dependent upon, on the client receiving a settlement or a judgment for money awarded. If the client does not receive any money, the lawyer receives no money for representation. Simply stated, there is no cost for the lawyer if the case is dismissed or lost.

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Those involved in recent car accidents are likely dealing with stressors like health issues, damage to a vehicle, and potential legal problems.