Over the weekend, I had the great pleasure to connect with Knoxville’s creative core at the Maker City Summit.

This fifth edition of the event was, of course, unique due to the pandemic, but the spirit of the event and the support from the City of Knoxville was evident throughout the weekend even on a virtual platform.

Some highlights from day 1 include an opening shout out from Mayor Indya Kincannon, insightful workshops with Austin Church of Balurnum and Bob Camp of Camp-cast, and an eye-opening keynote from well known Knoxville artist Chris McAdoo.

Day 1 quote to remember: “Simplicity…

Picture this:

You’ve got a great idea.


You’ve got a great small business.


You’ve got a great idea for your small business.

You know your product or service has what it takes to be a difference-maker in someone’s life, but you’re stuck going through the digital marketing checklist.

“Okay… I need a….

  • a website
  • a decent Facebook page
  • some pics for Instagram
  • something to put on Twitter
  • (insert latest social media platform)
  • a blog
  • halfway decent ads to show up on social media…”

This list, and the content needed for this list, can be endless, and leave you…

You have a great story to tell.

Whether it’s your thriving business, visionary ideas, or inspiring experience, you have something to share that the world around you needs to hear.

Now I know what you’re already thinking. You’re running through all the times your team has sat around listening to you, three beers in, tell the story of how you started your business in your garage with a toothpick, ramen noodles, and a dream. You’re thinking about your friend that works at a community college and asks you to come and speak to his young students. …

Mark Alewine

Tell a better story.

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