Three Tips for Smoking Meat

As the managing partner of Markmel Co., LLC, Mark Allen Hanrahan utilizes his knowledge and relationship-building skills to source and close venture capital and real estate deals. In his personal life, Mark Allen Hanrahan enjoys smoking meats.

If you are interested in smoking your own meats, there are a number of things to take into account so you get it just right. The following tips will help ensure your success.

1. Choosing Your Meat. Technically, you can smoke any cut of meat you like, but some cuts are better for smoking than others. Smoking is ideal for tougher cuts of meat due to the long cooking process, which helps break down the fat and connective tissue that makes the meat tough.

2. Do Not Peek. While you may be tempted to visually inspect your meat, it is better to leave it alone. Opening your grill or smoker releases heat and smoke, which may alter the cooking time and even the quality of the finished product. If you do need to open the lid to adjust the water pan, flame, or food, that is okay, just try to be quick about it and avoid the urge to keep checking.

3. Pay Attention. While smoking meat is a relatively slow process that does not require a lot of direct attention, do not be tempted to multitask. You should always remain near the smoker or barbecue to ensure that the flame does not get out of hand. Safety aside, you may need to occasionally adjust the vents or add more charcoal or wood chips to regulate the heat.

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