Work Tooling — Windows

Ever wondered, whether there are others out there, that experience the same quirks and potholes in modern operating systems?

Here is my list of mostly free tools, that make work somewhat more efficient. The list will be kept updated:

System Tools:

  • Chocolatey: The missing package manager on Windows. Indispensable to manage your stuff and keep it updated.
  • Flux: Tones down the blue light portion of your screen. makes the evening hours more comfortable
  • Wox: Shortcut to search for files on your computer or stuff on the web
  • Seer: Preview Application for Windows. Preview anything with your spacebar, just like in macOS. Incredibly handy.
  • WinXCorners: Hot Corners Client for Windows. Very useful to lock your device just with your mouse.
  • Ditto-CP: Clever and useful clipboard management. Never need to recopy something again… Includes also searching.
  • Bulk Rename Utility: Just what the name says. Rename files, cleverly.
  • Directory Opus: Incredibly versatile and useful explorer replacement. Cost some money: 66,- $
  • Everything: blazingly fast local file/folder search. Provides Integration for Wox as well. Roughly like Spotlight/Alfred on macOS.
  • Greenshot: screenshot utility, including annotations.
  • Post Haste: create folder structures based on templates.
  • PureRef: reference image board. Very helpful, if you work with images.
  • Notepad++: the most useful editor on windows. Maybe only Sublime can do more…

Web Applications:

  • Pocket: You want a list of all the items you want to read, watch and so on? Find them again a year later? Search for tags? Read it offline on the go? Even let you read articles by TTS while you in your car? Boom.
  • Wunderlist: Simple, fast, synchronized small to mid-sized task management. Was so good, has been purchased by Microsoft… Unfortunately has been discontinued… Searching for a replacement:
  • LastPass: excellent password manager. Alternatives are 1Password or Dashlane.
  • Spotify: Have all the music in your pocket. Works on mobile, desktop, has local sync. Costs a couple of bucks per month. Check out the Family tariff.
  • Boxcryptor: Encrypt your cloud storage. Works on mobile and desktop. Indispensable.
  • Last Pass Authenticator: Backup your MFA tokens. Sounds scary, but the process is mature and all is Zero Knowledge, as the encryption happens on your device and is only stored in the cloud. Plus, you have push based OTP as well.
  • Kiwi for GMail: Unchains Google Apps from the Browser Window!


Fonts are important for Designers and Programmers alike. Seeing the difference between a i and a l or between a 0 and O makes the difference. Some of my favorites:

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