How to regain your passion for God.

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Your compassion is great, O LORD. Revive me, as you typically do! (Psalm 119:156 NET)

What do you do when you lose your appetite for spiritual things? When the Bible becomes dry and boring. And going to church is the last thing in your mind. What do you do when sin becomes more attractive? Temptations become more appealing?

In fact, have you ever thought of proposing a ‘day off’ from God? Where you ran away from Him for a while to do the things you’re dying to try because it’s not in sync with your Christian values. I mean, you’re not totally abandoning Him at that moment. You’ve just lost the passion.

Dry moments are dangerous moments. I’ve known some people lowering their guards making them vulnerable to the Enemy. And some, regrettably, have succumbed to temptations. Leaving painful price to the people they loved.

If your faith has become routine and you’ve lost your passion, it’s time to change that. Don’t live another day of dull, routine, passionless Christianity.

Here are three steps to experience an increase in your passion for God:

  1. Make up your mind that you are going to regain your passion. There’s power in a made-up mind. Decide today that nothing will keep you from experiencing increase in your passion for God.
  2. Confess that you have lost your passion. You’d be surprised at how many Christians walk around in denial about their situation. Going through religious motions can dull your spiritual senses and blind you to your own condition. But God can open your eyes! If your joy is gone, if your dreams have died, if you have lost your passion, confess it to God today. You may also want to confess it to someone who can pray with you as you find your way back to the passion God wants you to have.
  3. Take action. God will do His part to increase your passion, but He also expects you to do your part. When you declare a fast and set aside time to pray, you are taking the first step toward seeing your passion, enthusiasm and joy increase.

And if I could add, meditate on the Word. In Jeremiah 23:29, God says to Jeremiah “”Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?” God’s word is like a fire and it brings the fire back in our hearts.

So, how’s your passion? Are you on fire for God or just lukewarm? Are you filled with excitement and purpose or just going through the motions? Today’s the day to begin pursuing an increase in passion. God is so filled with so much passion for us that He deserves nothing less than whole-hearted passion from us.

God bless.

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