Find Your Next Talent at a Hackathon

Originally published on LinkedIn. Find the full article here.

One of the greatest dilemmas in merging technical talent and recruiting is the tall order many companies asks of potential candidates. Of course, it makes sense that the company would want someone capable. Someone that comes from a great school, with a great program, with the highest of accolades, and with the personality that isn’t too quirky. However, it becomes impossible for a developer to get past all the keywords recruiters, unless the developer pads his LinkedIn profile with said keywords. Hackathons, like Angelhack, can bridge together this gap between talent and recruiting because they instantly vet candidates for the company.

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The best part of bringing together a bunch of developers and bizdevs is seeing their work ethic. You can see who likes to steal the spotlight. You see who the team player is and who leads best under pressure. No matter where they are in their programming journey, developers understand that collaboration is key and they will help each other out as much as they can. It’s a pretty picture.

This is more that just finding the best developer, or even the best fit for your companies need. It is about bringing a community together and letter skill speak for itself.