Nutter Fort Primary Witch Hunt
Yvonne Loar

Well now…someone needs a “participation” trophy? No, but seriously, I would love to hear what the parents of HER students have to say about her? Whether it be positive or negative…it would give some clear insight as to what type of teacher she is? At this point though, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one. I certainly don’t believe she should lose her job over this incident. It truly feels it is being blown way out of proportion, and this armchair refereeing? Let’s ask the school for more information because clearly, what has been supplied has only caused more doubt/mistrust of the BOE. I will say this much, I thought Caleb was a cutie..had me cracking up — they all did. Reminded me of the school plays back when I was a lot less long in the teeth.

Otherwise, I hope there is a happy resolution for everyone. I just wish that her students parents, as well as her colleagues would speak way or the other.

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