Why The Pig In Moana Stayed Behind : 9 Conspiracy Theories
Dan LeVine

  1. Grandma saw the pig… note: she said “Blame it on the pig.” and pointed directly to Pua running off
  2. i mean i guess that could work
  3. BUT he’s back on land after the crash, as well as in the epilogue
  4. this could be true, but wouldn’t cause it not to be there
  5. this could be as well, but wouldn’t cause it not to be there.. AGAIN
  6. Maui can’t transform without his hook so that’s incorrect
  7. i mean… it could be but do you really think it is?
  8. that’s likely that he was there and just not seen
  9. again, he was in the epilogue

That’s everything wrong with these ideas. You didn’t pay much attention did you?