Allison Rosenberg, Ph.D. is a behavioral scientist and startup entrepreneur with a record of success in both the public and private sectors focused on higher education and education technology. She has advanced training in cognitive science, psychology, and entrepreneurship.

Allison set out to create a company and a tool to cut through the complexity students often face in trying to find the right fit to pursue their college or higher education goals. Drawing on her entrepreneurial drive and her passion for creating programs and systems that help people find solutions and opportunity, Allison founded posed2, Inc.

Posed2 is a purpose-driven…

As a postdoc, are you exposed to alternative career pathways and experiences beyond typical roles in academia? Does your university position you for career success or have you found it challenging to find the route you want?

In my conversation with Chris Smith, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Affairs Manager at North Carolina State University Graduate School, Chris explains how the landscape for postdocs has changed significantly over the last ten years, that and many universities and associations have been slow to adapt.

Some institutions like Vanderbilt and their Biomedical Research Education and Training (BRET) program are leading the way by making more…

An evidence-powered podcast on science communication and career development

What would you say are the most important aspects of postdoc research? Would the learning environment or the availability of mentors rank high on your list? What about the role of passion and enthusiasm for your field of study?

Dr. Sarah Chobot Hokanson joined me in this episode of When Science Speaks to highlight the role of enthusiasm and storytelling in postdoc research.

Sarah is the Assistant Provost of Professional Development and Postdoctoral Affairs at Boston University. …

Mark Bayer (Bayer Strategic Consulting) and Rachna Choudhry (POPVOX)

The whirlwind of policy changes coming from Washington, DC is upending fundamental laws and regulations across the political landscape. From health care to environmental protection, immigration to workers’ rights, the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress are rapidly repealing, modifying and, in some cases, replacing fundamental public policies affecting millions of Americans.

What can you do if issues you care about are caught in the storm?

We’ve worked in the advocacy arena for a combined 30 years, standing up for policies from within the system and outside of it. While the…

As the shock of the election wears off and the reality of a Trump presidency takes hold, many heartbroken Clinton voters are responding to their candidate’s call to “make sure your voices are heard going forward”.

Citizen advocacy is a vital part of what makes America special, regardless of your political stripes.

So, the question is: What’s the the best way to fight for the policies you care about in this post-election season?

I’ve been in the trenches for many policy battles during two decades as a Capitol Hill staffer. Standing up for your own specific reform to the system…

She expressed regret. She explained the circumstances. She even offered possible remedies to fix the unfortunate events that had set off such a negative reaction.

But each attempt at forgiveness only triggered the next round of agitation and new tries to soothe hard feelings.

This was a classic example of a conversation “going around and around in circles.”

Nothing seemed to work. How to break the cycle?

Then she switched gears: a simple “I’m sorry” — offered in the listener’s own native language.

Immediately, the objections stopped. The anger disappeared.

The emotional storm clouds lifted, and a sunny mood returned.

Mark Bayer

Founder Bayer Strategic Consulting, Former U.S. Senate & House Chief of Staff, Host “When Science Speaks” podcast, Lover of the Blues, Bichons & Boston Sports

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