I will have to admit, I haven’t read Hawkin’s book, despite having taken a look at Numenta’s Nupic…
Carlos E. Perez

The two things about this theory that blew me away were:

  1. How simple it is. I have always loved physics, but it didn’t make sense that the universe was so complicated that only geniuses could understand it. This theory makes total sense and could be easily be explained to 9th graders, including how obvious time dilation is. Starting with knowing nothing about QGD, I can explain to someone in just a few sentences how time dilation works and why it must exist. Ditto for the “apparent” mass gain due to acceleration.
  2. The second amazing thing was how a theory that postulates a single, smallest, attractive-only particle can lead to the formation of electrons which are repulsive particles!!! Spoiler: A collection of these particles that is rotating will cause nearby loose particles to have a bias to drift in the direction of the structure’s rotation (due to everything being attractive). Call that structure an electron. Two electrons rotating near each other will either cause an excess or dearth of these loose attractive particles between the structures (depending on relative directions of rotation). An excess will mean the electrons pull toward each other. A dearth will mean the relative excess of attraction on the far sides of the two electrons will pull them apart. Amazing. But also instantly clearer with a diagram. :-)
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