Apple Watch Surprises

I have had my Apple Watch since July and have been wearing it constantly since. It is not a mini iPhone; it is a watch that has cool useful features, my favourite being notifications.

This week I have been in Shanghai with work. I have been to Shanghai a couple of times before but I can’t honestly say that I know the place. Initially I had been using the Metro to go to and from work. The Metro is modern clean and efficient, however the times I am using it VERY crowded and hot; which meant that I was arriving to work, how shall I put it, mildly moist. I was travelling around various locations and checked my iPhone Apple Maps on the Thursday to see how far it was to my next location. It was only 2km and the iPhone was telling me 20 mins so I decided to walk.

I have never used Apple Maps on the watch before for directions so I thought I would give it a go. All I can say is WOW, what an amazing App this is. It was so easy to use and so clear. One of the things that I am really conscious of when walking somewhere I don’t know, especially in a different country, is not looking like the tourist with a big badge saying rob me or try and rip me off. With the Apple Watch App I just walked along confidently listening to music with my bluetooth Beats headphones (of course) and every change in direction I got notified by tapping on my watch with visual as well as verbal instructions where to go next. It was awesome. On Sunday I did a much larger walk and it was so enjoyable to stroll around seeing places that you don’t know but not feeling like you looked and acted like a tourist.

This could be my new favourite thing about the Apple Watch.

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