Look up the definitions of deficit and debt, and then try again.
John Villinski

John, maybe you need to do the fact checking. The last year Bush was in office, the deficit was $458 billion. (It was $161 the year before that.) The first full year of Obama’s administration, 2009, it jumped to $1400 billion. President Obama did reduce the deficit every year he was in office, and certainly inherited it, to an extent, based on the negligent spending needed to support the war. That said, the typical approach toward spending by the Democratic Party compounded the issue. The deficit was a problem shared buy both parties, not one or the other.

The national debt went from 10 trillion to 19 trillion. The cost for a family to afford health insurance, on average, went up by $8k-$10k. True unemployment went up. The amount of people in poverty went up by several million. The average household income went down. These were failures by our government (1b), but the outgoing administration (1a). Don’t put lipstick on a pig.

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