Mark Calima — How to Be a Successful Band Director

Mark Calima is dedicated to his career as an educator of music, and he has been working hard in order to achieve his goals in the field. Here are some tips for being a successful band director, and what that success looks like.

“I have successfully lead students to National and International honors, that have come from very diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic environments,” Mark Calima explains in regards to his band direction experience.

In order to be successful as a band director, you have to be able to lead your programs to victory in competitions, as well as help them achieve their goals. 
“I feel that I can bring an extensive amount of information and solutions to band programs that trying to break into the scene or reach that next level of performance,” Calima says as he describes the next step of his career.

A successful band director will be able to push the boundary of what programs previously thought was possible. In order to achieve notoriety, you have to be able to reach the next level with your students, not just stay in one spot in terms of skill.

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“I have been acknowledged as the director who can create something out of the nothing, and I have the ability to achieve high standards in a short amount of time,” he continues.

Mark Calima

Programs, especially high school bands, expect progress sooner rather than later, and band directors need to meet those expectations.

Mark Calima is dedicated to his career in music education.