5 Steps to improve your visualization skills using Sense Memory and the iMind Strategy

Learning how to visualize is a great skill to master and can benefit you in many ways. Here’s my top 3 though:

  • improve your memory ability — this is core!
  • solving problems — when you can visualize a problem in front of you, it is easier to break it down into component parts and discover the potential solutions
  • achieving your goals — visualizing your goals gives you crystal clear clarity and focus

Now, when I talk about visualizing its not just about ‘seeing’ something with your mind, it is about bringing things to life using all of your senses. Think of it in the same way as those holographic scenes in the Avengers and Iron Man :)

I call this the iMind strategy and to get good at it, just practice these 5 simple steps:

  1. Find a simple object (let’s say your keys)
  2. Study it in detail with each of your senses (1 min). Don’t try and remember just observe it. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What sound does it make when you tap it? What would it taste like (weird I know)? What does it smell like?
  3. Put the item to one side and imagine recreating it right in front of you, going through each one of your senses (2 min). Describe what you are experiencing out loud
  4. Now start manipulating it, make it large, tiny, multiply the number, break it apart, throw it around the room! (2 min)
  5. Practice this simple 5 minute strategy for 7 Days using the same or different objects and watch how your focus and visualisation skills improve.

Let me know how you get on :)

Mark Channon — Memory Coach


Originally published at blog.memoryschool.com.

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