Misconfiguration of Demographics Privacy in a Page

Description: Demographics is Limit Visibility of This Post, Choose who can see your post on Facebook based on their demographic. For example: If you enter “Spanish” below, only people who have Spanish set as their language on Facebook or list Spanish as one of their languages on their profile will be eligible to see your post on your Page

Impact: It allows the User to view a Page post with audience limitation

Proof Of Concept:
User 1 = Page Admin
User 2 = Page Visitor (Not Friend of User 1 and Doesn’t have role in a page)

1.) User 1 (as the Page) will publish a post in the page 
2.) User 1 will click “Edit Post” to edit his new post
3.) User 1 will click “Public” Privacy then change it to “Demographics”
4.) User 1 will set the Limit Visibility of This Post (ex. Gender: Women, Age: 13–14)
5.) Go to User 2 account, Take Note User 2 is a “Male” and Age “20”
6.) Notice That User 2 can still view the Post even though User 1 limit his audience

Proof Of Concept Video: Click Here

Here’s an explanation from Facebook:

Feb. 08, 2018 — Initial Report
Feb. 15, 2018 — Report Triaged
Mar. 03, 2018 — Temporary Fixed (Facebook Removes the Feature)
Mar. 03, 2018 — Fixed Confirmed
Mar. 14, 2018 — Bounty Awarded