The 7 ways Medium got membership launch wrong
Jessica Semaan

In Ev’s post, he says “Media is broken, we need to fix it.” Doesn’t he mean MediUM is broken!?

Becoming a “Founding” this or that seems to be ingenuous and mean nothing, except to make one feel special in some way and more likely to pay the $60/year.

I may be considered a “power reader”, but will never pay to read here. Blame me and call me cheap, or blame the internet itself (…and Amazon, the public library, etc…), where I have access to more content than I could read in 100 lifetimes, for free.

P.S. Simple, free AdBlock software does a pretty amazing job…there are some issues, but simply unblocking the particular page you’re interested in is very simple. And I am not too cheap to pay for specific content or a book I want….I can get behind supporting a WRITER, not the platform.

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