10 Propositions for international development projects…
Pete Vowles 🇰🇪🇬🇧

Let’s also be more honest about how long real and substantive changes can take to establish — social reform, governance, education, gender equity and equality and social exclusion — that often underpin inter-generational cycles of poverty may need sustained efforts over two or three generations to really take hold — with all the sociopolitical uncertainties that such a time frame implies. All the more need for adaptive programming, resourcing and design based on a Theory of Change that effectively sequences interventions, projects and programmes in a more strategic, integrated and systematic process, built on solid partnerships between stakeholders and an honest dialogue based on realistic and shared expectations. We may know what we know now but let’s not hide the inevitable mistakes, successes and failures on our journey and instead herald them as lessons learnt, to enlighten others on the brave quest for more inclusive and sustainable development.

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