I couldn’t disagree more.
Ben Marcus

I don’t agree that he was awful, however I wouldn’t go so far as to say he was good either.

1. Health care reform needs to cover everyone, and the only effective way to do that is single payer. What Obama and the Democrats actually did was come up with a way to stop the momentum toward single payer healthcare, by providing an insurance friendly (and much more expensive) alternative.

2. Some good regulations were enacted, and many more regulations that needed to be enacted were not enacted. See Elizabeth Warren’s comprehensive Wall Street reform agenda.

3. Given the severity of the crisis, it probably should have been larger and less of it should have gone to tax cuts for the rich… if they really wanted to stimulate consumer spending they should have sent out checks like Bush did. Most people never even realized they got a tax cut.

4. He made some good progress in this area.

5. When one considers immigration policy as a whole under the Obama administration, it was actually fairly conservative with a few exceptions such as efforts to protect “dreamers.” As a whole I would characterize it as moderate, many would even say it was conservative given the record numbers of people deported.

6. Reality on the ground prevented many of his campaign promises from being realized, that said… his human rights record when it came to perusing terrorists and his willingness to sacrifice liberty for security were something I would expect from a Republican not a Democrat.

7. He also failed to do anything to protect net neutrality, now that Trump is in office its dead.

8. He did manage to follow public opinion when it came to LGBT rights, he didn’t IMO push the envelope… however he did make some progressive moves when they were politically safe.

9. Several other things, such as continuing to support Israel while they appropriate Palestinian land or respond with disproportionate force. He also helped create a real mess in Libya, one that extremists have successfully managed to exploit. Add to that the fact that the gap between the wealthiest Americans and working and middle class continued to grow unabated.

Obama was perhaps a better President than the Republican alternative, however had Romney beaten Obama in 2012… we’d likely have someone other than Trump currently in office.

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