Insisting on the truth in times of chaos — Jordan Peterson
David Fuller

There is a lot in here that could be picked apart, however some of the lowest hanging fruit is the idea that those who struggle for social justice are ungrateful. I believe I am extremely grateful, I have been able to make a good life, see the world, raise a family… I want that for everyone. I still work (at a job I like), so I’m not on the street protesting various injustices, however I do try to provide support to efforts which I believe have the potential to diminish injustice or reduce pain and suffering.

Then there is the criticism of Atheists like Richard Dawkins, for the record, I am not an Atheist… however I don’t need religion to imbue within me a sense of empathy with my fellow human beings. That is built into who I am, just as I was born with a nose on my face, I was born with the ability to feel empathy for all living beings. If someone is born without a nose they might be perceived as monstrous by some, however if someone is born a psychopath then they truly are a monster and the religion used to keep them in check may also become an instrument of destruction in their hands. IMO, we should all seek the Divine… however you shouldn’t attempt to make the destination or the journey some sort of foundational support. The foundational support of our society has to be the golden rule… a rule found in all successful religions and societies and not bound to any one religious vision. That is the rule we violate at great peril.

I agree with his emphasis on value structure; however, I don’t believe the struggle should be to find truth though… the struggle is to find Love (Love for God, Love for our fellow man, and Love for Nature), that Love will be nested in Truth.