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Hard to read such a biased article that describes voter ID as a “common form of voter suppression favored by conservatives” that was overturned to “keep the state (Texas) from disenfranchising voters.” What rubbish. W/o voter ID anyone can impersonate anyone and vote multiple times; and the mysterious missing box of ballots that is always produced by democrats at the last minute in close elections cannot be validated properly. Further, everyone has ID, including illegals, and ID is required for every purpose under heaven — why not to protect the integrity of elections? “Judge” Ramos is another judicial activist who is part of an ongoing criminal enterprise, enabling democrats to keep cheating, really disenfranchising voters (by diluting legitimate votes), and steal elections. The state of Texas should refuse to comply with her foolish, fraudulent ruling, period! Voters should move to impeach this judge for bad behavior.

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