Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

Try your small business working for drumpf and getting riped off because he just decides not to pay you. You gonna vote for him then? Try being someone who doesn’t look like him or worship like him and have him call you incompetent because your father was born in Mexico. Gonna vote for him then? Try being a women who he has groped or kissed without invitation. Gonna vote for him then? Somehow I don’t think so, but you go ahead and live in your fantasy world where you get to have everything your way or you throw a twitter tantrum at 3 am. Align your self with a man that when questioned about deplorable behavior, uses the excuse that… “he started it”. Yeah that’s right, the emotional maturity of a 5 year old. But you go ahead and vote for him. It is your right to do so. You can do whatever you want to do… just be ready for the consequences, because they will be many and they will be very unpleasant.

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