• Ryan Dawidjan

    Ryan Dawidjan

    building NYC products and teams. // 🗣 w/ modern friends. big heuristic guy.

  • Stephen Keep

    Stephen Keep

    Software Architect

  • Doctorfingertips


    Guitarist . Singer . Songwriter . Entertainer . Jingle writer . Traveler . God-fearing, freedom-loving, truth-seeking, optimistic, fun-loving family man.

  • Isadora Mendes

    Isadora Mendes

    bot enthusiast/maker. editor @ChatbotGossip

  • Colleen Masefield McCarthy

    Colleen Masefield McCarthy

    Seeker of good storytellers; history lover. Strategy + Audience @retroreport. Previous gigs: @nymag, @nytimes, @wsj

  • Ben Force

    Ben Force

    I'm a professional voice-first software engineer. DM me on twitter if you need an Alexa skill or Google Assistant app.

  • Viktor “Why?!” Jakobsen

    Viktor “Why?!” Jakobsen

    Hi, I’m Viktor and I’m trying to sniff out the best website building solution. I like websites but unfortunately websites hate me…

  • ibrahim can karta

    ibrahim can karta

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