The adoption of voice technology continues to surge with assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant becoming staples in our everyday lives. And Adobe recently found that a whopping 91 percent of brands are already making significant investments in voice.

71 percent of those brands see voice as improving the user experience. But are consumers realizing that promise?

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Today, we’re kicking off Voice Summit with the findings from a survey Adobe conducted of 1,000 voice technology users in the US about their experiences. …

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In the world of visual design, there are countless ways to share our work with others. To showcase a static interface, we can use screenshots. To illustrate an interaction, we can make an animated GIF. And when we need people to actually experience a concept, we can create an interactive prototype with tools like InVision or Marvel.

For voice interface design however, an entirely new set of options are needed.

Sharing Your Work With Others

Since we first launched our design and prototyping platform, Sayspring has given creators the ability to share an interactive prototype of their voice interface, letting others speak to it even before it’s been coded. …

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More than two years since the launch of the first Amazon Echo, the popularity of voice assistants shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the Amazon Echo Dot was the top-selling product by any manufacturer on Amazon this holiday season, with “tens of millions” sold worldwide.

Like many startup founders, my family doesn’t really understand what our company does, but they do know it involves Amazon Alexa and Google Home. …


Mark C. Webster

Voice UI/UX Design, Product, Developer. Founder of @Sayspring (now part of Adobe). Editor of Prev: Co-founded SideTour (Acq'd by @Groupon).

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