Boilerplate for Agile Show & Tell meetings

Mark Dalgarno
Oct 1, 2017 · 1 min read

Something you could add to your meeting invitations that explains Show&Tells for stakeholders unfamiliar with them…

Agile delivery teams run regular Show & Tell review meetings to demonstrate progress on delivery and get stakeholder feedback and thanks. In agile ways of working, Show & Tells replace many aspects of reporting & board meetings — so should be considered an essential governance activity.

Delivery teams should do more showing than telling. They should show software, prototype user interfaces, user research videos or audios or other project deliverables in preference to slide decks about those things. This transparency gives stakeholders confidence that delivery is progressing and that the team is regularly releasing and testing its deliverables with end-users.

If stakeholders cannot participate, then they need to delegate participation to someone they trust to be able to give feedback and thanks to the team in their place.

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