Opera’s sexual assault secret
Dan Kempson

When I was an actor in NYC, I was asked to see a casting director for a commercial audition. He was alone, and I didn’t see a camera in his office. He talked with me a while then asked to see me without a shirt… I hemmed and hawed and asked if it was something that would be necessary the ad. He smirked and shook his head. Later, after he reported back to my (female) manager, she called and chastised me as getting “light.” When I asked “What do you mean by light? Because I didn’t want to take my shirt off in a one-on-one ‘audition’?” Shortly afterward, and after 9 years of collaboration, my manager dropped me as her client.
It’s pervasive in entertainment for both men and women who are put into positions of weakness by those in power. Even the unions lack the power to complain about offenders and defend the harassed because it is too widely accepted. 
Thank you for sharing your stories. It gave me the nerve to tell mine.

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