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Loved it. Great subject. I’m amazed how this cuckold thing has grown and the evolution happening to it. Had no idea. Been out of circulation for a while. Got into the bdsm thing and thought that would take care of my needs. But it didn’t on several levels. Commitment to an alternative lifestyle isn’t easy. Had to learn the jargon, get experience with all kinds of things. I had the Internet. How did people do it before, I wonder.

And then I lost interest. Well, not really. I got into a mostly vanilla relationship.

But because I did experience several encounters with couples commited to to cuckolding, it illuminated a path, so to speak. I had no framework to go by, though. I did have some great opportunities that were missed. But I couldn’t tell people that I met, what it was I was truly seeking. Yes, it’s the humiliation aspect of it. Especially that part. And the femdom aspect. And the male to male contact. But not from the sissy aspect, but the Bulls. I hate that term for the male dominant by the way. I didn’t see much on humiliation back then. You could tell others how you wanted to tie or beat them, but humiliation was offensive. That was my experience. I am very grateful to have a vision now rather than a suppressed fantasy. I know so much more now. Would love to experience an LTR. Getting into the nuances. What happens in Cuckold LTRs. What happens when life hits it with a curve or two. I’ve some really good cuck stories, but they read mostly like floggers a la days, (there are great stories there!). So many unanswered questions.