Apple is about to do something their programmers definitely don’t want.
Anil Dash

Apple’s previous office complex, Infinite Loop, was specifically designed with software engineers in mind. It was almost entirely offices with doors. There were huge whiteboards. There was plenty of shelving for manuals. The light fixtures were overhead fluorescent, but pointed up at the ceiling to reflect the light with less glare on screens. Window blinds had perforations to allow a small amount of light in, except where they faced direct sunlight, in which case they were solid. Window offices had glass panels next to the door, so that some of the sunlight could get into the hallway and to the interior offices. There were open “user defined areas” with whiteboards, for people to gather, socialize, have impromptu meetings, etc. Employees got to choose from 5 different desk chairs. The offices were darn near perfect. About the only drawback was that the electrical outlets were too few, and poorly positioned, making it difficult if you had multiple computers in your office.

Most people tended to keep their doors wide open unless they needed privacy or were trying to concentrate on a specific task (which isn’t all day…). If they were trying to concentrate, but were willing to be interrupted, they left the door ajar to block most noise. There was still plenty of ad hoc hallway conversations. And you could listen to (quiet) music in your office with the door closed or ajar with no headphones needed.

That was the best office I ever had.

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