Erupting lava during daytime:

Now that you understand how all this AI stuff works, we continue to the next item in this mini-series of articles about product management for artificial intelligence: communicating the value proposition to your stakeholders, which includes customers, marketing, sales, management, executives and, of course, engineering.

Let us begin by assuming that you have appropriately validated both the problem and the solution with your potential market, and that your product contains an important artificial intelligence component. Now you need to put together the product plan and sell it both internally and externally in order to get all of your constituents on…

I can see Stanford from my office window at PARC. (The tippy top of Hoover Tower is right in the middle. Trust me.)

Work from home (WFH) is upon us. We are are all now struggling to figure out the new normal while upsetting things are happening in the world. Without diminishing the severity of the problems we face as a society, individually we can continue to strive to remain productive and improve ourselves as we look forward to a better tomorrow. Our WFH might be an opportunity to do that by, among other things, cranking through our things to be read (TBR).

If you are a Product Manager in Artificial Intelligence, or who wants to be in AI, it is imperative that…

Presenting “So How Does This AI Thing Work Anyway?”​ at the APMP Conference

One of the highlights of my career resulted in me being invited by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals to give a webinar (September 18th, 2019) entitled So How Does This AI Thing Work Anyway? It’s a tremendous honor and I’m excited to present next week.

My notes from CS230 — Stanford’s Deep Learning with Prof. Andrew Ng

How product managers can learn what they need to know about AI to be at peak effectiveness

The most frequent question I get about AI from colleagues, product managers and others, is,

“What do I need to know about AI and what’s the best way to learn it?”

I’ve invested a considerable amount of time taking numerous courses, so I dug into my emails to collect some of the suggestions I’ve doled out.

Is this necessary?

First, it’s worth addressing the extent to which a product manager even needs to understand how AI works in order to be effective. There is an endless stream of business articles about what AI is, what it does and how it is going to…

The Birth of AI

In a meeting with engineering leadership, I was told, “We’ll tack on the AI later.”

While doing ethnographic testing with a β customer, I was asked if the AI would just learn and then do everything perfectly.

During a discussion with engineering, it was unclear to me how we were going to train 400-dimensional sentence embeddings.

Those are a few examples of challenges a product manager might face when working with artificial intelligence.

As someone who has practiced the craft for decades (I founded a company that built an AI-related, algorithmic product and now run product management for applied AI…

Mark Cramer

Privacy Product Manager at Facebook

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