Web and Chrome Developer Relations manifesto
Paul Kinlan

Hi Paul! This is awesome. Great doc, good span of topics, of course I totally agree with all of it!

For me the only question I’m left with at the end is as to priority. Agreeing with all those things, what is most important? What gets the new headcount?

The area I would advocate for a higher priority at the moment is around simplicity: onboarding. The web as a platform is stunning in terms of both its capabilities and its complexity. I love how easy it is to get a simple page up and running — but moving from that position to taking advantage of what the web can offer and producing something modern is a painful and frightening journey filled with deadends that are sometimes compounded through reading articles from just a few years ago. Yesterday’s web tech is not today’s web tech, and for someone new it’s far too difficult to find the proper and modern path.

These two articles highlight this problem well:

The chaos and velocity of the web tech community is part of what makes it wonderful. But it also increases the need for us to provide clear onramps for new developers! If I was to suggest any one addition to your focuses, it would be that: providing modern, up-to-date material guiding new developers from <html> tag to the latest and greatest. For free. On the web. As it should be. :)

Thank you for asking us!