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Wish I had read this many years ago, I tried to please her but one day my now ex-wife, said “I never enjoyed sex” — that was it for me; I gave up trying, I always believed that making love was to be a pleasure for both parties. As her 3rd husband obviously none of us had ever made her feel good and we hardly mentioned the subject again apart from the occasional put down from her if the subject came up. I should have known much sooner, she couldn’t be bothered to remove her wrist watch despite my pointing out a few times that she scratched me painfully with it; she wore her neck chain “be careful of my chain — its valuable” hardly encouraging to a passionate outcome. She would roll over as soon as she could or even get up from the bed to do something she had forgotten — clearly that was more important than any kind of loving glow after the event and had probably been on her mind the whole time.

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