How Technology Affected Us

Technology is a main reason why the world has changed us.The Internet has changed our lives; we always use our gadgets instead of doing the things we need to do, we get to research for our homework faster and easier instead of going to the library.Like now you are reading this because of the Internet.There are different technologies being used on the Internet according to DigiTitans6 5th edition: Local Area Network LAN,Wide Area Network WAN,and more.

This is how Technology affected us from simple to elegant.According to New Health Advisor tecnology affected us positevely and negatively.The positive effects are; 1. Long-Distance Communication ,2. Natural Disaster Prediction,3. Medical Diagnosis and Treatment,4. Agriculture Mechanization,5. Technology in Education,6. Trade and Industry,7. Less Effects of Disabilities, and 8. Entertainment and Advertising.In the other hand the negative effects are; Social Isolation, Distraction from the Surrounding, Sleep Disorders, Head and Neck Pain,and last Technology Addiction.

For me technology is a big change that has encountered the world.My family, friends,and teachers also use the internet.My friends and I use the internet for chatting, playing,and researching.My teachers use it for teaching us in school.My family also uses it by watching,playing,comunicating, and may more.

It really shows in this picture that technology affected us one by one, from being young as we grow older.For children they use it to play and watch like using “YouTube”.For teens they use it to comunicate using “Facebook”,”Messenger”,and manu more.For adults they use it for work and other purposes.

Not only humans but also animals use the internet.Somehow their owners lend them their tablets for their pets to play.

We can use the internet but use it WISELY! because it can really damage ourselves and we cannot resist it.So now that we still have a time to change today!