Photo by: Darren Pearson(@dariustwin)

The Art of War

One morning I read John Lyly’s novel “Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit,” and there’s a well known phrase that says all is fair in love and war. Some believe this term originated from this literary piece. But as a lover I believe this started from a broken heart prior to 1579. What happens after a bad breakup? There’s a defining moment where you realize that the situation is done. Kaput. For most, we believe this is the “war” phase. Instead of crying(sometimes after) our brains pollute our minds with thoughts. Those thoughts could then transition to words with connotations of negative feelings toward the ex. This war is fought hard, in our new world of millinnials. Where you HAVE to look good, not FEEL good. Which poses a questions for my readers? Where is the art of this war?

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