The Bee That Drowned In Honey

Is is the title of my first theatrical production coming in 2017. This post will have nothing to do with my play(just a shameless plug), but will have a lot to do with how I am viewing the world currently. I intend to make this post short and to the point.

To begin, I am firm believer that too much of a good thing is POISON for anyone. In life balance is required and without it you will lose a number of things…

  • If all you hear is praise, how would you gauge something bad? How would you be able to accept criticism if and when it comes? (no one is God, as close as some of you feel like that image you were made in is close. In reality, Jesus has even said “God is not a man” (Numbers 23:13). Which means we all make mistakes, what is really god-like is how we learn from them.

2. Value

I once had a girlfriend that loved me too much. That sounds crazy, but very true. She dedicated her entire life to loving me. She said I was like a God to her. Which means, no job.. just me…no religion.. just me…no family.. just me. I thought it was something special(who wouldn’t?) but it was not. My value system was flawed how could I allow a woman to think she didn’t have more to offer this world then just loving me? How cam I value my own vanity enough to even let a woman, a queen of this earth live “under” me. She quickly appreciated when I explained this to her and she is doing big things! (shout out L.M) But if I would have lead that on, our lives would have been ruined for the future. Because I can now value the praise and criticism from a woman. She is able to still love but no when to be selfish with her own love.

3. Faith

This is most important but the easiest to explain. Too much praise of yourself, you lose faith in your own process. You forget the struggles, and the times when others took a proverbial (expletive) on you. When you lose faith, you look yourself. Take a look at Kanye West(prayers sent) and think about it one day. “No one man can have all that power”. I love the end of the song where he asks, do you have the power to let power go? I asked that to any one with any ego like mine that question.

In Conclusion, we are all worker bees. Working hard for the honey. The honey could be monetary, in human form, or just socially. In any case, don’t drown in your honey… we are all in this hive together. I love everyone that took the time to read this. Thank you.


Markeis McLeod

Markeis McLeod