Who is Fridai, the gamer assistant?

Mark Engelhardt

The short answer to this is that Fridai is the gamer assistant built for gamers — by gamers.

Man, don’t we all love gaming

But for the longer answer we have to start looking at virtual assistants as a whole.
Virtual assistants, as the name implies, serve to ‘assist’ you in automating tasks that would otherwise require human input, and effort.
These tasks can include anything; from logging in to Spotify to play music, to controlling your home’s thermostat. If you’re one for smart home devices, you can even control your microwave with these digital assistants!
Since virtual assistants are continuously connected to their cloud backup, updates and software patches are downloaded automatically — without any effort by the user.
AI, however is not a new concept in the gaming industry — game developers have been using forms of AI to improve gameplay for years.

Take the 1989 Sim City for example; basic AI was used to simulate realistic behaviors in the game — i.e., players could experience inherently human characteristics, like unpredictability.

Enter the gamer assistant

Now, developers are working towards integrating virtual assistants into games. Take Destiny 2 for instance; the game is compatible with Alexa, which means that players can access certain game features without having to go through the on-screen menu.

The next big shift in the gaming industry is focused on creating immersive gaming experiences for users – including virtual reality, high-definition graphics — and to complement these experiences, voice is a natural extension of the gaming experience.

AI continuously makes waves in the gaming industry, challenging established notions, and leading the way to innovative technologies — such as gaming assistants.

Gamer assistants — access to voice enabled tools

Gaming assistants have the potential to streamline major aspects of gaming — especially in the form of voice enabled tools for games — more importantly if these voice enabled tools are created they can completely remove disturbances from your gameplay. These gaming assistants can take over the entire processes through single and sometimes more complicated voice commands. (I’d go with the JARVIS for gamers example, just because I think Ironman is a great example here!)

With the latest AI algorithm, gaming assistants can learn different gaming styles, and the context in language. Advanced gaming assistants, like Fridai, understand the context of the game that is being played and are also equipped to handle voice access to various pieces of software gamers would be using while playing their favorite games. This allows gamers to focus on their gameplay, while the assistant is readily available to provide game related knowledge, voice enabled video editing, access other pieces of software gamers might want to use even if it’s only checking the performance of your CPU or RAM used — and other use cases are coming, too.

Check out one of the example demos we made while playing Red Dead Redemption 2:

Fridai helps you with money making advice in RDR2 Online — this is just the beginning

We understand gaming is an epic experience. Us, gamers give the games our full attention, because it’s needed to command the various elements, allies and even complex tools gamers have at their disposal. Therefore anything that disturbs this experience is super frustrating.

With Fridai, the gamer assistant we use the most natural extension of gaming — voice access — to create voice enabled tools for gamers and transform the gaming experience into a seamless, frictionless one. And ultimately here’s what she could become:

You can follow Fridai’s journey here on Medium or even join our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/g4Ucp99

Mark Engelhardt

Written by

I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Hallid.ai, the startup behind the gaming assistant Isaac. I love technology and feel very positive about A.I.

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