Clinton Avenue Reformed Church

2017 Blog Number 138

May 19, 2017

Being Good Examples

I recently had a chance to visit a local educational institution. It is always fun for me to visits schools and see the young, bright minds so open to learning. In the parking lot however, I saw something that I found moderately disturbing. It was a sign that used rather poor English grammar. The sign reads, “Go Slow, Safety Bumps.” I know for a fact that the teachers who taught me English grammar would never have approved the sign. “Slow” of course, is an adjective. After the word “go” an adverb is required. The sign properly should say, “Go Slowly.”

I realize that this is a very picky and unimportant issue. It does not mean very much. And yet, what kind of example does it show our students? If we are trying to teach good grammar but not using it, can we expect them to use it?

We in the Church of Christ need to be aware of this also. We do not always set the best of examples. If we teach the importance of prayer but don’t demonstrate a good prayer life we set a poor example. If we teach tithing but withhold some of our tith, what are we demonstrating? If we claim that worship is important but do not attend worship are we being good role models?

Each day of our lives, people who do not know Jesus are watching us. Do we practice what we preach and set good examples?

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