Democracy is broken.

I am not a lawyer or politician. I don’t understand democracy that well at all. I am a web developer who refuses to have any part in our current democratic system. Why?

I believe that democracy is broken because it doesn’t run in real-time and because it isn’t open source.

Voting should be done from our phones, using a secure account we hold with our government. Vote counting should be done by computers in the cloud. Citizens should be able to vote for any issue that concerns humanity as a whole, at any given time. Computers in the cloud should use citizen votes along with statistical data and economical prediction models to determine whether or not a bill should be valid.

Bills should not be passed and should not expire, but instead be validated or invalidated in real-time, based on real-time data. There should be no president, no senate, no oligarchy, but instead, open-source software and real-time data analysis from real-time voting on bills that were created by people in real-time, and not created by people who are in office, but by people like you and me.

Court houses should be run by software developed from artificial intelligence platforms, where the judge & jury is the software. Computers would determine the outcome of any given case based on moral predictions made by artificial intelligence platforms that collect & analyze all the scientific, moral & philosophical knowledge of humanity.

Patents should be awarded using a similar system, where artificial intelligence platforms determine the validity of a patent, how it would affect the economy, and how long the patent should be valid.

These basic concepts could be applied to every branch of government, and should be. Then, we could truly create a one world government with no boundaries and no poverty.

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