James Damore opened Pandora’s box

I would like to share my thoughts on the subject of the highly controversial Google memo written by James Damore. I don’t intend on analyzing the memo itself, but instead, I’d like to empathize with Google, female engineers, and male engineers as well.

Let’s start with Google, which is made up of 80% male engineers. It must be difficult to hire female engineers, knowing that you’ll be throwing sheep into the lions den.

Let’s face it, men are sexually aroused by women. I, myself, as a male engineer, am aroused by the presence of certain women in my age group. It is sometimes difficult to think clearly when I am around the opposite sex. It is natural for me to feel this way, and it is difficult for me to suppress my natural instincts, that being the desire to get to know a woman intimately.

Imagine what it must be like for Google to know this fact about male engineers, and yet, be required to hire female engineers to work along-side sexually-charged men.

Now imagine what it must be like for Google to hire female engineers to work in an environment full of young male engineers who don’t really know how to act appropriately, as proper gentlemen, around female engineers. The situation could be similar to throwing raw meat into a lake full of piranha.

Are there enough female candidates that Google can hire in order to balance the male to female ratio? Probably no where near enough, and probably not for the next 10 years. What is the reason behind this? I don’t have the slightest clue, but I could make an educated guess just by walking down the toy isle at a local Walmart. Engineering toys for the boys (Legos), and social toys for the girls (dolls)… how convenient.

Female engineers probably don’t want to work at Google in the first place, for various reasons. Perhaps it’s because Google is made up of 80% male engineers, or because Google campus is located in a part of the country with difficult living conditions which includes extremely high rent, high homeless population, and long drives to & from work. In my experience, I’ve learned that men are much more capable of voluntarily tolerating poor living conditions than women, but of course I may be wrong.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s because almost every woman I know owns an iPhone. Why work at Google when the more logical place for a female engineer to work at would be at Apple? This leads to the question: what would motivate a female engineer to have a desire to work at Google in the first place?

Finally, in defense of male engineers, I feel much more comfortable working strictly with male engineers than I do working with both male & female engineers or female engineers exclusively. This is mainly because of my attraction to the opposite sex, and because I am able to be myself around other male engineers without having to filter my thoughts. That doesn’t mean I would make sexist jokes around other male engineers. It does mean that I do enjoy flirting with women, and I wouldn’t hesitate flirting with a female engineer if I was confident enough to think she would enjoy it. But I don’t want to flirt, and I don’t want to be sexually attracted to other engineers. I just want to do my job and get paid.

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