Snoozing without the cloud

Hi friends,

We may be silent but lots of progress is being made over here at DropTech on DropMail :-). In this post i’m going to explain a feature we just finished up, snoozing, and how it will work in DropMail as we do not use a 3rd party server like other email clients.

What’s wrong with how others do it?

Many email apps that do not use servers tend to have snoozing be only on your device. This means if you go to another device with their software your snoozed messages will not be there. This also means if you go to another app your snoozed messages will no longer be in your inbox but hidden in a folder. We found this to be a big problem because what if you need that email you snoozed but you don’t have the device you snoozed it on with you?

A peek at our solution

  • Snoozed messages stay synced between devices using DropMail for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.
  • If you view your inbox in another email app your messages will still be there. They only appear as snoozed in DropMail.
  • And best of all, no servers. It’s just you and your service (Gmail, Yahoo, etc).

We have lots more coming and are working daily to get DropMail released. If you liked this progress update let us know @dropmailapp on twitter and we may do some more!

Thank you,

The DropMail Team

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