Being prepared.

So many Artists dream of great success but when you ask them, how are they preparing for that success most do not know what you mean. 
If it was as easy as painting beautiful paintings and doing wonderful drawings then the majority of Artists would be great successes but it is more than just great skill and talent.
The real question is, “What are you doing to make yourself ready for success?”
You see life is not designed to give us what we want or need.
Life gives us what we deserve.
Every value in life must be paid for, every success in life must be prepared for.
Those who seek, find.
To become the person you need to be, to be a successful Artist, you will have to prepare for it.
Learning new skills, sales and marketing.
Learning how to communicate well with strangers.
Learning the life skills needed to navigate the new areas you will need to go. 
Every new skill and discipline have to be earned and paid for.
Prepare yourself to be ready for Artistic acclaim when it comes.
Prepare yourself to be ready for opportunity when it comes.
Prepare yourself to be ready for challenges when they come.
Prepare yourself to be ready for success when it comes.
Being prepared for success is more than an interesting thought, it is a necessity, because if you are getting prepared for success, you must believe that success is coming to you.