It is scary.

Artist if you know what you need to do but you don’t do it because it scares you, then that is probably what you have to do, no argument because it may be the key to your success.
If the “thief” is trying to stop you from doing something and you are making up a lot of excuses not to and procrastinating, better get in and do it because most likely it is the thing that you must do.
When we know we must do something and we don’t do it we are robbing ourselves of today, we are saying today I can waste and I will do it tomorrow.
 How many days have been wasted in front of a tv.
How many days have been wasted day dreaming.
How many days have been wasted making excuses not to do something.
You can’t waste any days, a day wasted is a day lost.
Every day is vitally important and we must put as much effort into each day as possible and achieve all we can out of each day.
Every evening we should ask ourselves, “what did I accomplish today and what did I learn today?”
As Artists we want to make a change in our world, we cannot do that if we are wasting our days, we all have only so many allotted days for our life every one is precious. 
Get the most out of each day by doing the things that scare you and you will be amazed at what you will accomplish and how much positive change you will bring in your world.
Use the fear to motivate you to take up every daily challenge.
If it is scary to do, then do it.