Looks like an Artist.

Artists it is not about how you dress and look that makes you different, it’s about how you think and create.
It is never about looks. 
You could be the most outrageous looking Artist alive and produce very average boring paintings. 
It’s all to do with how you think and use your imagination, allowing the muse to lead you, that is what sets you apart.
Learning to release your imagination to follow your muse wherever she leads you.
For many this may seem difficult but really it is letting go of what you are seeing before you and closing your eyes and seeing with your imagination. 
It is setting your imagination free to allow the muse to lead you into that place of creativity and uncertainty.
Allowing the muse to lead you is both scary and exhilarating, a new adventure into your imagination and creativity.
Anyone can look different, but there are few who think differently and see with their imagination.
Close your eyes and allow your muse to lead you.