My painting style?

This subject comes up quite a lot and some Artists are concerned about it, it has never been something that I considered as an Artist or as a Gallerist. 
I do know that some Galleries demand that Artists stay with one painting style because of their collectors but I think this is a short sited view exposing that the Galleries and collectors are leading the Artists and this can only lead to factory Art. 
This is why we end up with so many young painters copying selling Artists work, doing it because they are told it will sell, this is factory art.
I might be the wrong one to ask because I do not believe in having a signature style of painting, because the Artist must determine their own Art direction, others must not be allowed to dictate how Artist should paint. 
Yes Artists must get good advice and guidance, but what they create must be their choice as they feel led by their muse. If others have wonderful ideas for you to paint, tell them to go and paint them and show you, it is their idea not yours.
The reality is this Artists, you set your own agenda and the Galleries and collectors follow. 
There are many view points out there but this is Art and it changes, you as a person change over the years. 
I do not believe in locking yourself as an Artist into a signature style, that would be like being in a straight jacket.
Your signature style is you, you are your brand not a style that you paint in. 
Do as you feel led by your muse and always put your photo on everything you do so you are the brand not one painting.
As I have said I walked against what others thought, when I painted I refused to paint one style of painting, I just painted how I felt led and never considered a distinct style or what a Gallery wanted, it was my career and sink or swim I was doing it my way. I might not have had much control of the Art market, but I could have all the control over how and what I wanted to paint. What is amazing now is that all the work I did is now accepted as mine, as eclectic as it is.
It is all about you Artist, seeing you and your gift in every painting you do no matter how different they are. 
You are the Artist, you are your brand not one particular painting.

The magic words are, “Paint your vision always.”