The Business of Art.

Talented Artist, wonderful paintings, decides to sell paintings, reasonably priced, no sales, no money, no business, no future in Art, job outside of art.
Basically that is the progression for many Artists who enter the Art Business with all the right motives but without the skills to navigate the Business of Art.

Some points to consider.

You must have great paintings.
You must be reasonably talented.
Your skills must be good, drawing, painting and good in other disciplines you may want work in.
Be in a place where your paintings are seen, Galleries, Art Fairs, Group shows, street markets even out on the street alone selling your art, you must be seen.
You must get strangers to buy.
You have to turn those buyers into collectors.
Now you must make repeat sales to your collectors.
You must be connected to your collectors by monthly email newsletters, continuous Facebook updates, blogs on your art practice and about you as an Artist.

Artists say to me but that is so much to do, I am an Artist, I want to just paint? 
But you want to be in the Business of Art and you want to make money, so you are going to have to treat it like a business and you as a self employed Artist Business person.
That is just how it is!

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