The daily challenge.

Do not worry if you do not repeat the good work of yesterday.

Do not get caught in the trap of deliberately repeating the same work of yesterday, day in and day out.

Everyday is the new search for expression, we build on yesterdays triumphs, we do not repeat them.

To repeat them will smother the creative process.

Creativity and expression are so inter wound that they go hand in hand so to express our selves we must be creative daily and keep going forward.

To be creative every day we must express our creative self, which challenges us to push forward.

Painting is not about repeating its about creating the new.

Yesterday is finished, today is a new day filled with challenge and expectation.

Do not repeat yesterdays good work, find today’s challenge and paint.

Do not worry if today’s painting is good or bad.

Today is all about painting, so paint.

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