The price question?

I get asked regularly to look at paintings from unknown Artists and asked do I think they are worth the money the Artist is asking for them?
Nine times out of ten, the answer is no.
If you are unknown and asking $3000 for and abstract painting, or any painting really, then you really do not understand the Art Business.
This story is the reality for the majority of Artists.
Artist is just starting out and paints a 90 cm x 90cm oil painting of reasonable standard and asks $100 for it.
Ten years later the Artist paints a similar painting, same size, same standard and gets $1000.
At the end of their career the Artist paints a similar paintings, same size, same standard and now gets $10,000 for the painting.
The Artist dies and this same painting is now sold for $100,000.
You must pay your dues and it takes time, just like in any business, there are no free lunches.

If you are starting out, in my opinion, pricing your work is not as important as, getting the attention of the buying public and getting your paintings onto the walls of strangers and lastly, being taken seriously by collectors.
At this point I get criticised for saying Artists should give their paintings away.
I am not saying that, I am saying price then so that they are good value. 
When you are starting out the name of the game is getting your paintings onto the walls of strangers. 
As you sell and become popular so your prices will rise.
You see if you are selling, you will be noticed and you will begin to be taken seriously by collectors, but it takes time, sometimes years.
Work hard at your Art business, believe in yourself, price to give good value to your buyers and get your paintings onto the walls of strangers and you will begin to be taken seriously.
Please friends do not be overly romantic about being an Artist, leave that to those who love you, your fans and collectors. You must take the Art Business very seriously and build your name and reputation.
You must be determined to go the distance against the odds, the rewards for those who persevere are wonderful, never give up.
Many are called but few last the distance.

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