Why not to sell your Ormeus Coins for peanuts

As I have written in my previous article (HERE), Ormeus coin is a very special and precious cryptocurrency. ORME belongs to so-called Stablecoins and its value is backed by hundreds of millions of US dollars in industrial crypto mining. If you own Ormeus Coin, you are benefiting also from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and any other cryptocurrency that might be added in the future to mining operations of Ormeus Coin. How it works will explain the White Paper here: https://ormeuscoin.com/whitepaper

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”
― Albert Einstein

Ormeus Coin knows eighth wonder of the world

Forty percent of everything that is mined is reinvested back to the mining power and this way is created compound effect. It means the hash power is increasing every couple of months and so is the amount of mined cryptocurrencies. At this moment (8/2018) Ormeus Coin has mining capacity around 250 PH/s and until the end of this year is planned to achieve 700 PH/s.

Another 40% of mined cryptos are locked by Smart Contracts in „Gold Reserve“ — Ormeus Reserve Vault (https://orv.ormeuscoin.com/). Day after day is coming more and more cryptos into the vault, and the sum of their actual value is creating a floor value of the Ormeus Coin. If you want to know how much is it right now, just divide the actual total value of all cryptos in ORV by the circulating supply of Ormeus Coin. Nobody should sell Ormeus Coin for lower price if he knows, how it works.

Floor value of Ormeus Coin is going to work like buy-back price

These days is the ORV (Ormeus Reserve Vault) in beta testing phase. But after that is going to change to Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and everybody will have the opportunity to change his Ormeus Coin directly in this ORV for another cryptos, that are in it. So once the DAO and ORV buy-back is live, nobody who is informed abou it would sell his ORME under this floor value on exchange. And not only this. Experience shows that in cases like this, the market price is like around 5 times higher, than the floor value of the asset.

Keep calm and HODL your ORME

So, if you know somebody, who is selling his Ormeus Coin right now for 50 cents, he cooked the precious hen which could lay golden eggs for him in the near future.

So don´t sell your ORME for peanuts, spread the news about Ormeus Reserve Vault, about upcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization, about the floor value of ORME and about the golden eggs that we all can now have for 50 cents each ;-)

The smart will buy more ORME right now: https://ormeuscoin.com/where-to-buy/

I wish a rich life to all,