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Let’s review the latest stories from the leading EOS news outlets. Notice that there is not one critical article of anyone within the EOSIO ecosystem. The only critical articles of any kind were attacking CoinDesk for their reporting.

This is not what accurate news reporting looks like. This is shilling.

EOS Writer

CoinDesk FUD Exposed by CEO Brendan Blumer

Behind Telos’ Rebranding

Newdex Issues 2019 Annual Report and It’s Definitely Worth Checking Out

Gameworks Technology Update: New Year, New Platform

Why I am excited about Chirp


EOS Mainnet instabilities on the verge of being solved

What happened this week on EOSIO | Jan. 13 — Jan. 19

  • Block.One launches an EOSIO Testnet
  • WebAuthn Example App by Block.One
  • Recent EOS FUD stating Voice won’t launch on EOS
  • LiquidApps integrate the DAPP Network on WAX
  • 3 seconds LIB on EOS? Dan responds

The African continent will host first ever EOSIO conference

BigOne launches EOS CPU and POW mining pool products

EOS Hot Sauce (EOS Nation)

EOS Hot Sauce #39 — EOSIO 2.0 Release, Voice CEO, #Dacathon2020 and tons of updates!

  • EOSIO 2.0, Voice CEO
  • KROWN #Dacathon2020
  • WAX: LiquidApps, Trading, and Testnet
  • BOS REX Surge
  • Everipedia Guild and…

This guide assumes you know what LynxChain is and are up-to-date on the recent launch. If not, head over to their Telegram Group or checkout the LNX page on our site for more info.

In simplifying the blockchain user experience, some things were left out of the Lynx wallet that those of us used to EOS might want. Like the ability to change our private keys and set owner and active keys. Scatter and Greymass have also yet to add support. This guide explains how to do all of these things.

Integrating with Scatter

Click the ‘NETWORKS’ tab then ‘ADD CUSTOM NETWORK’

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The entire proposal can be found here. It’s a long one but at the bottom is a good summary in bullet-point form. Here it is, shared with permission.

  1. Dynamic inflation is replaced with static inflation (e.g. 50MM flat per year vs. 5% of supply per year).
  2. Divisible Vote replaced 1 Token 30 Votes.
  3. Staking or lending to REX awards an account with staking rewards.
  4. An account that votes for a BP diverts 50% of inflation away from itself and 20% is burned while 30% is sent to the BP reward pool.
  5. If too few tokens vote then staking rewards are…

We’re proud to announce the first exchange volume rankings exclusively for EOS tokens. With the recent addition of CoinTiger, now supports ten exchanges, which together account for the vast majority of EOS token volume. So this feature will be also serve as a great directory of exchanges where you can trade EOS tokens.

You can find the rankings at

Hello friends!

As Ambassador I’m proud to announce that we have integrated YoloSwap’s market API and their data is now being used in the calculation of our metrics for 9 listed tokens!

Additional data is being provided for the following listed tokens: $KARMA, $EOSDT, $CUSD, $IQ, $INF, $PTI, $EMT, $BNT and $CHEX.

Historical data is being stored for these and all EOS tokens on YoloSwap and is available via our API.

We are now getting data from Newdex, DEXEOS, WhaleEx, Bancor, ChainRift, Hoo, EOSDAQ, BigONE and YoloSwap giving unmatched breadth and accuracy of data for EOS tokens!


“We are willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time.” — Jeff Bezos is a deceptively ambitious project. Just as Facebook started with Harvard students, we started with EOS tokens. The plan has always been to expand beyond EOS. It hasn’t been necessary to explain that. We were willing to be misunderstood.

We’re trying to solve the problems of CoinMarketCap, while also releasing innovative features and products people love. If we tried to do that while listing thousands of coins and supporting hundreds of exchanges, we’d fail. Which is why they’re failing and why I don’t care if…

Brendan Blumer just posted this on the EOS Project Telegram. Reposting here for wider visibility. Link to the original.

Hey everyone, I know frustrating days like today can isolate the negatives, but we’re as optimistic as ever at

Instead of beating around the bush, it’s fair to say we have to be very careful in the things we say and do 24/7, and sometimes things that seem simple for us to get ahead of, require a more careful and less obvious approach.

There have been several major development with EOS, Voice, and other unannounced initiatives which we’re excited to…

EOS tokens. Prices, exchanges, charts.

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