join the team

we think we’re building a key piece of EOS infrastructure and something with infinite possibilities for the future. we could use help with:

development. what you work on is up to you, including your own ideas. for now: Azure/SQL Server, AWS/PHP. if you can code, please reach out. don’t let frameworks scare you off. everything is new and flexible.

marketing: ideally you’d come up with your own ideas. but the basics would be: social media, emails, blog posts, ideas for the website, forming partnerships, getting media to write about us. etc.

data design: someone to help design our metrics and methodologies. coding not required. can you design a better way to calculate marketcap or circulating supply? or have ideas like this for data we should include?

data collectors: some things can’t be automated, or we haven’t automated them yet. like getting website/social links for every project. you’ll do the point/click/copy/paste to gather it. if you don’t fit neatly into another category, but want to get involved — this would be a good place to start.

we’re flexible on compensation. we can pay you. however finding co-founders willing to work for equity, would be strongly preferred. or message wilfra on Telegram or Twitter.